We believe Worker and Customer Experience are intrinsically
linked and must be addressed together.

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By leveraging cloud technology, new ways of working like crowdsourcing, and using solution accelerators to rapidly build and integrate solutions, customers can create both amazing Worker and Customer Experiences that drive profitability and growth.

It’s a good time to be a worker. Since 2010, job openings in the U.S. have nearly doubled, and 36% of employers around the world are reporting a shortage in talent. (ManPower Group)

How can you provide the Worker Experience necessary to recruit, leverage and retain talent? Continue scrolling to discover the three key characteristics of a strong Worker Experience.

Companies with engaged workers see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue. (Aberdeen Group)

Improve Engagement with these Capabilities:

  • Listen and Take Action
  • Promote and Power Communities
  • Align Effort with Purpose/Impact
  • Recognize and Reward

The average interaction worker spends about 28% of the workweek managing email, and nearly 20% looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. (McKinsey)

Improve Productivity with these Capabilities:

  • Onboard and Hit the Ground Running
  • Anytime/Anywhere Access
  • Collaborate in Real-Time
  • Turn Insight into Action

Surveyed executives predict that agile workers, workers who are freelance, contract, temporary or independent consultants, will comprise 69% of the workforce by 2025. (Ranstad, “Workplace 2025”)

Improve Agility with these Capabilities:

  • Bring Ideas to Life
  • Embrace new Work Models
  • Nurture Tomorrow’s Talent
  • Learn Continuously

You’ve heard it before, we’re living in the Age of the Customer. Customers expect consistent and exceptional experiences, and they’re unwilling to accept anything less. Organizations are catching on: according to Forrester, 72% of businesses listed improving the customer experience as their top priority.

Continue scrolling to discover the three key outcomes your organization needs to establish a world-class Customer Experience.

Connecting with customers before they begin their search is now a key ability. Only 4% of your market is actively buying. 56% are not ready, 40% are poised to begin. (Vorsight)

Improve Awareness with these Capabilities:

  • Know Your Market
  • Reach Prospects
  • Nurture and Convert Leads
  • Measure and Adapt

In the world of customer satisfaction, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. (Understanding Customers, Newell-Legner)

Improve Satisfaction with these capabilities:

  • Motivate and Educate
  • Sell with Customer Centricity
  • Eliminate Friction
  • Service Their Way

Word of mouth and referrals are still the most important marketing channels, with 92% of consumers believing recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. (Nielsen)

Improve Amplification with:

  • Create an Ongoing Relationship
  • Reward Loyalty
  • Empower Brand Advocates
  • Energize Community