Create a Change Strategy That is Realistic and
Achievable for Your Organization

Understanding that the primary users of cloud solutions are employees and managers, we employ unique diagnostic tools to address business goals and initiatives, culture/climate, demographics, locations, and readiness to embrace change and innovation.

Our Change Enablement experts will help you:

  • Assess and understand the culture
  • Define business challenges
  • Develop a strategy aligned to business outcomes
  • Define the workforce experience
  • Understand business process changes
  • Determine impacts of change
  • Understand the audience
  • Develop effective and executable change plans
  • Deliver the value proposition & key messages
  • Leverage multiple forms of media
  • Gain feedback from the business regarding process and design decisions
  • Drive business participation and involvement
  • Leverage Change Agents to drive the value proposition and early adoption
  • Achieve early adoption of systems and processes
  • Ongoing measurement to validate success and business outcomes
  • Gain feedback on process and system after initial deployment
  • Post go-live communication and training based on enhancements and upgrades
  • Drive manager and employee accountability through performance

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